Ermonix Halo Contactless Sanitizer

black Halo sanitizer

Ermonix Halo Contactless Sanitizer 4 axis sensor activated contactless sanitizing atomizer. Cordless with rechargeable lithium battery. Injection and blow molded body.

Indoor Hydroponics Garden

Indoor Hydroponics Garden with LED grow light and chalk board panel in the kitchen

Indoor Hydroponics Garden Indoor hydroponics garden with customized smart soil. Includes a full spectrum LED grow light, extendable arm and an automatic timer. Made using injection molded ABS.

BeefEater BBQ Outdoor Kitchens

outdoor kitchen for Electrolux BeefEater BBQ by the seaside

BeefEater BBQ Outdoor Kitchens Outdoor kitchen range for BeefEater BBQ’s. Quartz stone and marine plywood cabinetry. Modular configuration with sink and fridge options.

Diode LED Display

Diode LED retail floor display

Diode LED Display Counter and floor display for LED strip and tape lighting. Interchangeable tablet style display panels with switch and dimmer controls.

LED Glorifier with Cloche

bombay sapphire LED bottle glorifier

LED Glorifier with Cloche Back of bar bottle glorifier with LED uplighting. Rechargeable battery. Wood or Vacuum formed ABS  base options. Screen printed and customized glass cloche.

Tap King Floor Stand

Tap King beer merchandising floor stand with products stocked

Tap King Floor Stand Tap beer merchandising floor stand for liquor stores. Metal fabrication, vacuum forming and EPVC. Interchangeable branding.

Samboy Chips Dump Bin

Samboy Chips Dump Bin with Shop! award

Samboy Chips Dump Bin Potato crisps dump bin for grocery and convenience stores. Metal wire construction with soft PVC.

Rimmel Cosmetics Display

Promotional cosmetics counter display for Rimmel foundation

Rimmel Cosmetics Display Promotional cosmetics counter display for Rimmel foundation. Vacuum forming and interchangeable cardboard graphic panel.

Sally Hansen Floorstand

Sally Hansen cosmetics floor stand

Sally Hansen Floorstand Double sided cosmetics floor stand. Adjustable shelving with storage base. Metal fabrication, vacuum forming and acrylic fabrication.