Manufacturing Capabilities

We can execute any creative idea with no boundaries. Our manufacturing capabilities include metal, wood, plastics, electronics and LED technology. With no restrictions to any process, we offer an unbiased and broad scope in achieving a result that best suits your product. Our in-house manufacturing processes include injection molding, vacuum forming, plastic fabrication, metal fabrication, CNC machining, laser cutting, assembly and packing. 

We are also partnered with an array of large-scale manufacturing partners with facilities over 50,000sqm, and select specialty suppliers. This ensures all manufacturing processes and requirements are extensively covered. Our facility is ISO 9001:2015 and Sedex certified. We are also an accredited Electrolux GSQA and Coca-Cola TCCC SGP facility. We are committed to working closely with our clients to meet global and ethical standards.

Packing and assembly in NewVision factory
Assembly and Consolidation

Leaders in bespoke manufacturing, our facility was designed with versatility in mind. Having the flexibility to rejig assembly lines to suit current projects ensures optimized speed and efficiency.

With design, engineering, and manufacturing under one roof, our multi-skilled team will collectively study and liaise on each project. This means a smooth transition from design and development through to manufacturing and assembly.

Where certain components need to be outsourced, we coordinate closely with our manufacturing partners to ensure consistency of quality. Final assembly and consolidation is carried out in-house to best manage delivery of the final product.

Project Management

With an effective single point of contact, all projects are closely coordinated to keep timelines and budgets in check. Your assigned Project Manager will liaise and manage all aspects of the project from engineering through to manufacturing and safe delivery.

As most projects are multifaceted and can be quite complex, strong contingency planning is key. Regular correspondence between you and your Project Manager ensures project transparency is maintained at every stage of the process.

Quality Control

Carried out by qualified and experienced team members, our QC process is extensive and ongoing. By first establishing critical control points, in-depth planning and risk assessments are put in motion. From pre-production through to delivery, our team has it covered.

Strong communication between Client, Project Manager and QC department ensures clarity and complete transparency throughout the entire process. Detailed documentation, including reports and images, are also provided during every stage of production.

Our team also utilizes global standard QC management tools.

Our Accreditations

Sedex accredited factory
ISO 9001:2015 accredited factory
Electrolux GSQA accredited facility
Coca-Cola TCCC SGP accredited factory

Our Accreditations

NewVision factory accreditations