Transforming Ideas into Tangible Solutions

NewVision Manufacturing is dedicated to providing full turnkey solutions to get your products into market. Our extensive experience in manufacturing allows us an unbiased and broad scope to achieve results that best suit your product. No restrictions to any process or technology.

Our studio is set up to generate ultra-realistic product renders, animated 3D models and 2D CAD drawings. We ensure all features and benefits of your product are highlighted prior to production. With our team of international designers and engineers, we have a broad spectrum of design talent ensuring we deliver on current market trends and aesthetics. 

Design For Manufacturing & Assembly (DFMA)

We are dedicated to transforming your concepts into manufacturable designs within agreed time frames and budgets. From the inception of your design, we are focused on ensuring that it is engineered with all the core principles to help simplify, refine, and optimize production and assembly. Providing you with the most cost-effective solution to help make your product a success in the market.

3D Modeling & Engineering

Our designers and engineers work with industry standard design tools such as Pro-engineer, Solidworks, and 3D Studio Max. We specialize in creating technical drawings for manufacturing, tooling design and 3D realistic modeling, giving our clients a comprehensive presentation of the design.

Our 3D models can be animated to show all abilities and features of the product. They can also be used in interactive applications for analysis prior to prototyping.


With the advancement of high quality 3D printing, we can produce cost-effective rapid prototypes for analyzing form, function, fit, and feel. This allows us to quickly test ideas and make ongoing adjustments during the development phase of a product.

Rapid prototyping is an effective and vital stage prior to investing in tooling. This allows the designed product to be analyzed by toolmakers, production teams and clients prior to rollout.

This stage is critical and ensures the item being produced does not have any inherent molding issues or design flaws. Rapid prototypes are also used to assist in the packaging design phase.

We can also produce a true-to-life prototype of the proposed design reflecting correct color, texture and material of the final product. These prototypes can be used for photography and other marketing purposes prior to or during production.